Fulton Innovation showcases advances in wireless power technology


By Telecom Lead Team: Fulton Innovation, exclusive
licensor of eCoupled intelligent wireless power, will demonstrate its wireless
power capabilities at the Mobile World Congress 2012.


The company said that it will demonstrate the ability to
power devices through metal surfaces, as well as advances in spatial freedom
that allow a mobile phone to be charged on an enabled surface while inside a
handbag, without the need for wires.


The wireless power capabilities of the company can power
electronics through various surfaces.


Other demonstrations will include several Qi-certified
mobile phones that are available in various world markets from several
manufacturers including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and more.


“The work we are collaborating on with our partners
is making it possible to advance the capabilities of wireless power technology
and expand its availability to everyday consumers and the mobile industry. We
look forward to sharing our work with Mobile World Congress attendees,”
said Dave Baarman, director of advanced technologies for Fulton Innovation.


Fulton has developed an advance power solution that can
be easily and cost-effectively integrated onto any surface, including packaging
and publications.


At Mobile World Congress, Fulton will display a recent
issue of popular entertainment magazine, Entertainment Weekly that will
light up on the shelf through the use of wirelessly powered printed electronics.


Fulton Innovation is a subsidiary of Alticor Corporation
and works with a wide range of industry-leading companies to integrate wireless
power technology into infrastructure and electronic devices to enable consumers
to live a truly wireless life.


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