GENBAND presents latest VoLTE media processing solutions

GENBAND for IP communications and VoLTEGENBAND announced Voice over LTE (VoLTE) media processing solutions to help mobile service providers optimize their LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) capacity.

Telecoms utilizing the latest media processing solutions from GENBAND can offer high definition (HD) voice services with Advanced Media Software (AMS) technology and the Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec.

The AMS software-based media processing solution is now also available as a virtualized offer on a new M5 Rack Mount Server platform, providing mobile service providers EVS transcoding capacity on a Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) appliance, and serving as a stepping stone to full Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployments.

The enhanced solution now offers service providers complete deployment flexibility with the ability to deliver VoLTE media processing either in their existing physical network via dedicated Physical Network Functions (PNFs), virtualized on COTS appliances, or in a full NFV environment via Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).

“Enhanced Voice Services along with advanced media processing and transcoding solutions that can separate and optimize media and signaling allow mobile service providers to deliver superior voice quality to their customers with increased access network capacity,” said Greg Collins, principal analyst at market research firm Exact Ventures.

GENBAND’s VoLTE solutions are currently supporting more than 170 million subscribers around the globe.

“In addition to the ability to deliver advanced services, our approach to media processing, NFV and geo-distributed VNF processing offers mobile and interconnect service providers several unique benefits ranging from high media session handling to shared transcoding capacity,” said Patrick Joggerst, executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, GENBAND.