Huawei achieves single-user uplink data rate at 20Mb/s on HSUPA

Telecom Lead Asia: Leading telecom equipment maker Huawei
has claimed that its HSUPA demonstration has broke the earlier record for peak
single-user uplink data rates with 20Mb/s using DC (Dual Carrier) and 16QAM
(Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technologies.

The demonstration was based on Huawei’s UMTS algorithms. The
company said that this data rate can ensure that mobile users can upload and
share video clips very quickly, greatly improving user experience.

Additionally, the uplink rate can also help popularize more
and more multimedia services to further promote the robust development of the
mobile broadband industry.

With gradual change in the habits of end users, the mobile
broadband industry has observed a huge surge in demand of higher uplink rate on
wireless networks.

Huawei said that uplink rates are far lower than downlink
rates, which leads to the bottlenecking of user experience of data services
like video or image uploading.

Huawei set to work on an uplink breakthrough to bring a
vastly improved experience to mobile users.

ZTE HSUPA data transfer rate during trial reaches 15.2Mbps

Recently, ZTE carried out a single-cell HSUPA data rate
improvement test in Shenzhen, China.

HSUPA data transfer rate during the trial reached 15.2Mbps
out of a total possible 16Mbps, breaking the previous record of 12Mbps.

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