Huawei adds 30,000 people in 2011 to expand new business

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei, the Chinese telecom equipment maker, has hired around 30,000 additional employees in 2011. The addition of employees is expected to strengthen Huawei’s significant investments in new businesses.

Huawei said the downward spiral in the global economy, combined with other factors like political turmoil in some regions and exchange rate fluctuations, has impacted the company in 2011.

Huawei’s sales revenue reached CNY203.9 billion and net profits amounted to CNY11.6 billion in 2011.

In addition, Huawei adopted risk prevention initiatives to improve the quality of contracts and to resolve transactional issues. These initiatives have laid a solid foundation for continued growth over the next couple of years, according to Ken Hu, rotating and acting CEO of Huawei.

Sales revenue from consumer business was CNY44.6 billion, an increase of 44 percent year-on-year. Device shipments reached nearly 150 million units, an annual increase of over 30 percent. 

To clearly define the decision-making structure, streamline processes and organizations, and improve operational efficiency, Huawei adopted a management mechanism that is geared towards operating multiple business groups (BGs) rather than the single carrier network business.

Huawei will need to further explore this management mechanism, improve organizational capabilities, constantly energize operations, and develop Huawei into a globalized company.

Huawei will accelerate pace in developing managers and optimizing incentive systems to strengthen organizational capabilities and boost organizational vitality.

Many of its initiatives are aimed at improving the quality of our operations and promoting effective growth. Huawei will strengthen risk management, consolidate standardized operations, and remain calm in the face of all the uncertainties in the global economy.

Huawei will accelerate its globalization drive and establish a globalized corporate management structure. To help with this drive, Huawei will need to develop and promote a large team of managers who have a sense of mission, can think strategically, have a global view, are competent at business operations, and can confidently take on bold initiatives.

According to Ken Hu, Huawei will improve relations with governments, the media, and industry partners in countries across the globe. In addition, Huawei will develop and implement a reliable end-to-end global cyber security assurance system.