Huawei bags 3G IP core network deal from True

Thailand telecom service provider (telecoms) True has tapped Huawei to deploy its 3G IP core network.

True’s 3G subscribers will benefit from Huawei 400G core router line cards.

Thailand telecoms is looking to address rapid growth in its data traffic. The expansion of its IP core network’ capacity and evolve its IP core network to a future-oriented network will improve its subscribers’ experience.

True is planning a Capex (capital expenditure) of around $866.5 million (26.5 billion baht) in 2013, primarily to expand its mobile telephone and broadband Internet networks. The telecom group will invest THB15 billion into its mobile business, THB10 billion into its broadband business, and THB1.5 billion into its cable television business.

Huawei’s core router NE5000E supports flexible networking of 100GE ports, 40GE ports, and 10GE ports to provide a 400G capacity, and can be smoothly evolved to provide a T-level capacity for the backbone network.


The energy efficiency ratio of Huawei 400G line cards is less than 1W/G. Carriers can deploy energy-saving networks with larger capacities with less investment.

Traffic on the backbone network increases explosively as mobile broadband services and video services develop dramatically. It’s time for the 400G technology to apply to live networks, according to Gai Gang, president of Huawei Carrier IP Product Line.

China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, British Telecom, France Telecom, Telefonica, Vodafone and SingTel use Huawei IP products.

According to Ovum, Huawei ranks No. 2 in the global carrier IP market, and Huawei’s IP market share has increased faster than any other providers, as of Q1 2013.

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