Huawei offers 1 Gbit/s broadband access over coaxial cables

Telecom equipment maker Huawei today said its over Coax multi-user access prototype can provide 1 Gbit/s broadband access over coaxial cables.

This is the first world’s first prototype, Huawei said. It realizes ultrafast broadband via multi-medium and multi-user access.

Indian broadband players such as BSNL, MTNL will benefit as the over Coax multi-user access technology is compatible with cable TV signals on existing coaxial networks, which serve as a crucial access medium for home networks.

By allocating unoccupied frequency bands (1 GHz maximally) for access, the new technology provides a 1 Gbit/s downstream shared bandwidth to serve up to 32 users over coaxial cables. With this technology, coaxial network users are able to experience superfast broadband speeds.


Huawei says is mainly applied to short-distance twisted pairs to deliver Gigabit access. Huawei has been conducting the over Copper trial with an European telecom operator, providing 1G bit/s access via existing copper lines.

The breakthrough broadband technology addresses FTTH problems as Huawei takes fiber to the door and then delivers broadband access via existing access media such as copper lines or coaxial cables.

“The over Coax multi-user access prototype is a perfect combination of our latest technology and coaxial network innovations. Huawei will promote standardization and commercialization to accelerate the build-out of ultrafast broadband networks,” said You Yiyong, president of Huawei access network product line.

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