Huawei leads global service delivery platform (SDP) vendors market in 2011

Telecom Lead India: Chinese
telecom equipment maker Huawei is leading the global service delivery
platform (SDP) vendors market in 2011.

Huawei’s focus on alternative software delivery models, such
as hosted models and software-as-a-service, propelled it to the leading
position in the overall SDP service market, followed very closely by Ericsson.

In the SDP software segment, Oracle continues to lead, with
Huawei close behind.

(please see the chart of the top 5 global SDP vendors at the
end of the article)

Infonetics forecasts the SDP software and services market to
hit $5.8 billion by 2016.

Ongoing capital constraints are driving operators’ interest
in service delivery platform solutions that go beyond the traditional software
licensing model.

The service delivery platform (SDP) software and services
market increased 16 percent to $3.2 billion in 2011.

We’re seeing growing demand for alternatives such as
cloud-based delivery, turnkey application storefronts for consumer and
enterprise customers, and revenue-sharing models, and we expect that trend to
continue as operators look to create a more predictable cost structure around
their SDP deployments,” said Shira Levine, Infonetics Research’s directing
analyst for next gen OSS and policy.

The SDP market is experiencing double-digit percent annual
growth in large part due to operator interest in:

*Developing app stores – not just for consumers but increasingly
for enterprises, such as those in the M2M, healthcare, retail, manufacturing,
education, and transportation verticals.

*Offering customized mobile advertising.

*Managing exploding levels of content downloads by mobile
broadband subscribers.

*Developing API exposure strategies that enable them to
create a richer ecosystem of content partners.

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