Huawei offers new solutions for MSOs

Huawei at ITU 2015
Telecom network vendor Huawei today announced new solutions for Multi-Service Operators (MSOs).

Announced at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2015 in the U.S., Huawei solutions will assist MSOs to keep up their business in the digital era and face competition from OTTs players and traditional telecoms.

Huawei suggests that global MSOs should follow two-pronged strategy. First, MSOs should provide high-quality multi-screen services to accelerate video business opportunities, and enhance broadband services to ensure better user experience.

Second, MSOs must respond to users’ increasing demands for enriched original content and multi-screen experiences to expand their video business.

The broadband business is key to MSOs’ business growth, however the competition is intensifying as the market becomes saturated and telecoms are catching up through FTTx and deployment. MSOs need to continuously improve network performance by leveraging FTTx as well as DOCSIS 3.1.

Huawei solutions for MSOs

Huawei showcased – at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2015 — Hybrid Video Solution and a series of GigaBand Network solutions spanning Giga Coax, Giga Transmission and Giga Backhaul – assisting MSOs to advance their service and network capabilities.

Hybrid Video Solution from Huawei helps MSOs build a next-generation platform that ensures network synergy and enables the provisioning of enriched TV services via integrated delivery streams.

Giga Coax Solutions from Huawei enables MSOs to build a digital network with the total cost of ownership down by 30 percent. Its One-step DOCISIS 3.1 deployment realizes effective performance improvement, while the solution also creates a converged platform for DOCSIS and FTTx.

Giga Transmission Solutions from Huawei offers the industry’s first Multi-Service Optical Transport Network based on 100G/400G ensuring capacity and transmission quality. The SDN-based optical solutions can provide better flexibility and efficiency.

Giga Backhaul Solutions from Huawei assist MSOs to build SDN-based IP backhaul networks that support multi-service access and NP-based programmable architecture, ensuring capacity up to 100GE.

Huawei has expanded its footprint of MSO businesses across Northern America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, providing cable solutions to 45 MSOs worldwide.

Baburajan K
[email protected]