Huawei releases CloudMetro for telecoms digital transformation

Wei Feng, CMO of Huawei's Network Product LineHuawei has released its CloudMetro solution to help telecom operators to accelerate their digital transformation and business success.

CloudMetro allows metro networks to utilize cloud technology to enable resource pooling, service agility, operation automation and open platforms.

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“CloudMetro solution is a new business enablement system designed to equip for future demands,” said Wei Feng, CMO of Huawei’s Network Product Line.

This solution for digital transformation comprises two parts: upper-layer network cloud engine (NCE) and underlying E2E slicing-capable bearer network. It separates the functional modules, cloud operating system, and underlying physical devices into different layers

The CloudMetro solution moves management and service functions to the NCE to provide an on-demand LEGO-style service provisioning capability. By introducing service function chains to allow for on-demand service function selection and deployment, this architecture lowers trial costs, significantly shortens service TTM from months to days.

The China-based technology company said forwarding-control separation design allows this architecture to achieve cloud-based centralized resource control and on-demand dynamic resource scheduling, increasing resource utilization.

Unified service management, centralized resource control, and flexible resource scheduling across layers, domains, and vendors allow for online self-service service subscription, one-touch service provisioning, cloud-based service upgrades, and visualized O&M, improving the O&M efficiency tenfold.

Huawei said its 5G network slicing router can be used to construct an E2E slicing-capable network. By flexibly slicing network resources along management and control, protocol processing, and forwarding lines, this type of router can provide differentiated SLA for home broadband, 4G/5G, enterprise leased line, and other services.

Huawei also provides a lab for remote online integration verification, marking a departure from independent development to joint development with partners.