Huawei selects IP Infusion ZebOS network software to expand IP network

Telecom Lead India: IP Infusion, a provider of network
software for Ethernet and IP services, announced that Huawei has selected ZebOS
network platform software to expand the capabilities of the company’s Internet
Protocol products.

Traditional Internet and telecom data centers are facing
increased pressures of low resource utilization, slow time-to-market, high
capital expenditures, and lower ARPU.

This is coinciding with demand for next-generation IP
networks with more powerful computing capabilities, more bandwidth, more
storage space, more agile business models, and, of course, lower cost. IP Infusion’s
ZebOS software will help us provide our customers advanced IP technologies in
the shortest amount time possible,” said River Yan, technical president of IP
software platform, Huawei.

The future of IP networking is software that enables
accelerated time to market and continual product enhancement.

Through software-defined networking combined with
best-in-class routing and switching platforms, IP Infusion and Huawei are
leading a transformation of IP networking to accommodate Big Data,” said Koichi
Narasaki, president and CEO of IP Infusion.

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