Huawei showcases Digital inCloud for telecoms

Telecom network vendor Huawei has showcased its Digital inCloud that enables carriers introduce global digital services and content easily via an inTouch partner alliance at the 2015 Global Analyst Summit in China.

In addition to ensuring additional revenue generation, Huawei Digital inCloud can shorten service time to market and accelerate digital transformation through the ROADS open platform.

Huawei inTouch partner alliance aggregated over 2,000 partners with over 200,000 pieces of high-quality digital content. Helping carriers to build up the digital ecosystem easily.

Huawei has built a global distribution and business operation network which consists of eight regional centers, set to increase to 12 in 2015, and has served over 140 million carrier users. It supports end-to-end business operation assistance including aggregation, distribution, operation and monetization.

Huawei Digital inCloud has integrated the telecom capabilities of over 56 carriers from 27 countries. At present, the daily Telco capability use from Huawei partners has reached up to 6 million.

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