Huawei to supply LTE antennas to Polish telecoms P4

Telecom equipment vendor Huawei will supply LTE antennas to Polish mobile operator P4.

The deployment of LTE antennas is part of a nationwide mobile broadband (MBB) network rollout, Huawei said.

P4 first deployed a 3G network in 2006. P4’s nationwide LTE network is aimed at addressing rapid growth in data demands.

P4 4G LTE network will use Huawei’s multi-band, ultra-broadband antenna designed for LTE. Huawei said its antennas adhere to rigorous performance and environment testing routines to ensure quality. They are also designed to accommodate any deployment requirement difficulties stemming from a lack available site space in urban areas.

Huawei claims that it has shipped more than 1.6 million antennas to more than 350 operators in 155 countries.

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