Huawei, Telekom Malaysia announce access technology development initiative

Telecom network vendor Huawei announced a new access technology development initiative with Telekom Research & Development (TM R&D), a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia (TM).

The agreement aims to launch innovation efforts to co-develop next generation access technologies for both fixed-line and wireless connectivity in Malaysia.

Huawei and TM R&D will jointly research the customized copper access and 4G solutions for Malaysia’s fixed and broadband landscapes. Both parties will share research facilities and encourage knowledge transferring, as well as establish a joint lab within the TM Innovation Center, in Cyberjaya within the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) of Malaysia.

Huawei and Telekom Malaysia initiative

Mike Wang, chief executive officer of Huawei Malaysia, said: “TM’s high speed broadband project has become a global reference point of future-oriented smart networks. By jointly developing technologies that utilize TM’s existing copper wires, TM can make efficient use of resources, quickly implement bandwidth strategies, and launch additional new services, including IPTV and HDTV.”

“The collaboration reflects our commitment to evolve the nation’s HSBB network project and underpins the long term value of TM’s current assets. We believe the next generation access technologies will further enhance our broadband user experience and TM’s wireless coverage in the long run,” said Gopi Kurup, chief executive officer, TM R&D.

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