Intracom Telecom in $25 mn deal with MTS Russia

Intracom Telecom has signed a $25 million contract with MTS Russia to supply its new E-Band, Ethernet radio, UltraLink-FX80 for two years.

Network management software and support services are part of the telecom deal with MTS Russia that aims to deliver superior quality services and high speed 4G connectivity to its customers in the country.

The investment in Intracom Telecom’s UltraLink-FX80 mmWave radio enables MTS Russia to address future wireless backhauling needs for LTE and LTE-A deployment.

The introduction of UltraLink-FX80 into MTS backhaul and transport network will enable the delivery of next generation mobile services that will offer 4G+ service speeds reaching and even exceeding 1 Gbps.

Intracom Telecom’s UltraLink-FX80 employs the latest mmWave and provides up to 3 Gbit/s full-duplex Ethernet throughputs in a 500 MHz channel for delivering mobile network backhaul services at the lowest cost per Gigabit.

UltraLink-FX80 can be easily and flexibly deployed on rooftops, telecommunication towers and even lamp posts. Accommodating Ethernet and CPRI interfaces on the same fully outdoor unit, Ultralink-FX80 can be used in both backhaul and fronthaul applications. Using uniMS SON Manager minimizes rollout time and cost, and safeguards against deployment errors.

Andrei Ushatskiy, chief technology and information officer, MTS, said: “We selected Intracom Telecom’s Ethernet radio UltraLink-FX80 because it meets our backhauling needs in dense urban areas – the compact all-outdoor multi-Gigabit Ethernet PtP radio platform operates in non-licensing spectrum and demonstrates high capacity for heavy loaded 3G/4G sites.”

Athanasios Antoulinakis, general director of Intracom Svyaz, said: “The technical and operational features of our new E-Band ultra high capacity system UltraLink-FX80 cover all the current and future requirements of MTS transport network offering the highest capacities per link that are available in the market today.”

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