Juniper Networks in core infrastructure deal with Telefonica

Telefonica NFV
Juniper Networks today announced its deal with Telefonica to provide the core infrastructure for its Fusion Network.

Telefonica has designed Fusion Network to transform its customer experience for mobile, residential and business services in Spain, said Juniper Networks at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016) in Barcelona.

As per the telecom deal, Telefonica Spain has selected Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Routers to provide intelligent SDN control, core network for Fusion Network.

Juniper Networks said the MX2020 will provide Telefonica Spain the multi-terabit IP/MPLS routing capacity and connectivity across all metro regions as traffic ingress and egress from all of Telefonica’s Internet Exchange locations.

In September 2015, Telefonica Spain selected Juniper Networks to provide IP/MPLS metro services delivery infrastructure for Fusion Network.

“Our customers expect an always-on, secure experience, as they connect to cloud-based business services, access bandwidth-hungry TV, video and music content for download and streaming, or use social media sites. Development of a superfast core that can match Fusion Network’s service edge network with scale, reliability and minimal latency, is the next step,” said Joaquin Mata, chief technology officer at Telefonica Spain.

“Telefonica Spain is building a new business model, not just a network, to ensure it is able to deliver digital services and content at scale for many years to come. Juniper is pleased to be supporting this transformation from the metro edge to the core,” said Vince Molinaro, executive vice president, chief customer officer at Juniper Networks.

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