LTE-Advanced: ZTE achieves 1Gbps data transmission rate

ZTE on Thursday said it achieved wireless data transmission rates of 1 Gigabits per second.

ZTE used three carrier frequencies in the 2.6 G band, and on carrier in the 1.9 G band to complete the 1Gbps (F+D CA @ 4×4MIMO) demonstration at the Mobile Asia Expo conference in Shanghai.

ZTE’s first F+D cross-band CA demonstration achieved 430 Mbps data speed.

In January this year, ZTE and China Mobile completed the D-band Carrier Aggregation testing in an extended trial network environment in Guangzhou, achieving an outdoor transmission speed of 223 Mbps.

ZTE showcases Cloud radio solution for 4G optimization

Meanwhile, ZTE showcased its Cloud Radio Solution for 4G network optimization.

ZTE’s Cloud Radio Solution enables operators to build high-performance LTE networks and deliver improved user-experience to consumers, resolving engineering challenges in 4G network deployment.

ZTE’s Cloud Scheduling module utilizes a central scheduler to manage network resources on a real-time basis and achieve unified network scheduling.

The company says the Cloud Coordination module enables seamless and borderless coordination for the whole network to improve user experience. Cloud Scheduling realizes coordination at the cell level from a macro perspective, while Cloud Coordination realizes coordination at the user level from a micro perspective. The two-level coordination helps operators build smooth LTE networks.

ZTE’s LTE initiatives for China Mobile

China Mobile is utilizing ZTE’s Cloud Radio Solution to optimize trial TD-LTE networks in Guangzhou.

In June 2013, ZTE and China Mobile started the Phase II large-scale Cloud Radio verification in the Tianhe commercial area of Guangzhou, a complex wireless environment with a variety of data transmission requirements.

With multiple-layer coordination within bases stations and network users, ZTE’s Cloud Radio Solution will help China Mobile build smooth and seamless LTE networks with the best user experience.

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