Matrix Comsec launches SETU VGB multi-port VoIP-GSM-ISDN BRI gateway

Matrix Comsec announced the launch of its new range of
VoIP-GSM/3G-ISDN BRI gateways. The integrated and feature-rich gateway offers
seamless connectivity between IP, GSM/3G and ISDN BRI networks.

SETU VGB interfaces with an existing ISDN PBX to offer
GSM/3G and IP connectivity. For an IP based system, it provides BRI and GSM/3G
trunking options.

SETU VGB can also be used to setup IP connectivity
between multi-location offices and get advantage of low cost VoIP calling among
the distant branches. Apart from providing IP calling features, SETU VGB also
offers data accessibility over UMTS/HSPA/EDGE networks.

While IP is moving into its second decade with enormous
momentum, traditional telephony is getting more-and-more inclined towards
availing benefits of IP for cost-effective communication while protecting their
existing investment,” said Sajeev Nair, product manager of Matrix Comsec.

Matrix Comsec has added
this new gateway in its VoIP product portfolio to provide traditional ISDN BRI
PBX users a smooth migration path towards IP world. Additional GSM/3G
connectivity provides seamless mobility. With the offered reliability,
performance and enterprise-grade features, the productivity is bound to enhance


SETU VGB offers convergence of three different telecom
networks on a single platform. It provides seamless connectivity and
transparent call routing between IP, ISDN BRI and GSM/3G networks. 

Apart from providing IP calling to traditional PBX users,
SETU VGB also offers data accessibility over UMTS/HSPA/EDGE networks. This
makes the gateway a perfect solution for remote offices, where fixed-line IP
connectivity may not be available easily.


SETU VGB offers up to 9 SIP accounts which can be
registered either to single or multiple service providers to make VoIP calls.
These accounts provide flexibility to make either peer-to-peer calls between
distant locations or can be registered to various SIP proxies and IP-PBXs for
IP calling.


For hassle and error free integration with existing ISDN
PBX, SETU VGB provides dedicated clock synchronization ports. These ports
provides common clock source between SETU VGB and the ISDN PBX to eliminate
chances of dropped and noisy calls and hence provides an error-free communication. 

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