MATRIXX renews deal with Telstra to ensure monetization from 4G and 5G networks

MATRIXX Software has renewed its deal with Telstra to provide monetization across their 4G and 5G networks in Australia.
Telstra broadband Telstra is making significant investments in 5G network to extend its place as the nation’s go-to service provider for consumers, SMBs and enterprises.

MATRIXX has been an integral part of Telstra’s digital transformation for the last seven years. MATRIXX will now support the development of new revenue streams, new services and new business models for Telstra’s deployment of 5G standalone.

Today, MATRIXX supports Telstra’s postpaid services on its 4G/LTE and 5G non-standalone network.

“We look forward to continuing our journey together with them as a charging provider for both our current T22 and our emerging transformation initiatives,” Shailin Sehgal, Telstra Product Enablement Technology Executive, said.

The new agreement will see MATRIXX extend its support of Telstra in its mission to reduce complexity, improve customer experiences and capitalize on 5G infrastructure investments. This will include the deployment of cloud native, agile monetization platforms to take advantage of the programmability, dynamic capacity and rich information that 5G core networks provide.

MATRIXX’s partnership with Telstra will also expand to include the use of its 5G converged charging system (CCS) to enable monetization of new 5G services across consumer, SMB, IoT and enterprise services.

Telstra will be using MATRIXX Digital Commerce to serve both 4G and 5G services on a single platform. With its innovative click-not-code configuration for business rules and use cases, MATRIXX will empower Telstra with the commercial agility it needs to drive new revenue from its 5G network investments.