Mitsubishi develops 28GHz massive-element antenna for 5G base stations

Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi Electric has developed a massive-element antenna and RF module that achieves a wide 800MHz bandwidth and wide-angle beamforming for 28GHz communications in 5G radio base stations.

Key features

# Wideband high-frequency circuitry enables communication with a wide 800MHz bandwidth.

# Beam control technology is combined with a proprietary massive 256-element antenna and RF device.

# Wide-angle beam forming at ±45 degrees horizontally contributes to expanded area coverage.

# Efficient integration of RF device realizes compact size

Mitsubishi Electric, which will present the development at the Brooklyn 5G Summit in New York City from April 19 to 21, will also confirm the module’s performance for high-speed, large-capacity communication, aiming at early commercialization.