Molex launches Brad Micro-Change M12 CHT Connectors

Incorporated has introduced the innovative Brad Micro-Change M12 Circular
Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector that combines Cat 5e data speed and power
supply for high signal integrity and excellent performance.


both the power and data lines in one M12 connector, the Micro-Change CHT connector
features a reduced footprint and lower installation and cabling costs in
process and automation control and industrial applications, HVAC systems,
telecoms infrastructure, vision systems and surveillance cameras, commercial
transportation, and military/aerospace applications.


on the robust Brad Micro-Change M12 threaded connector design, the Micro-Change
CHT connector comprises two shielded twisted pairs cat5e data lines. Either two
or four contacts are capable of carrying up to 10.0A per contact. Overmolding
ensures complete IP67-rated sealing and provides dependable strain relief.


fully-shielded 4-pin array for the cat5e lines with wrap-around metal tube
(patent pending) allows for optimum signal integrity and performance. The two
overlapping tubes channel the signal through the connector without affecting
crosstalk and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). The Micro-Change CHT
connector 4+2 and 4+4 configuration is currently available in the M12 threaded
form factor. Future configurations will extend the design into Molex
Ultra-Lock, M16 and M23 connector formats.


the unique Molex shielding concept of the Micro-Change Circular Hybrid
Technology connector is not limited to the M12 format, we are able to adapt the
technology to meet specific customer needs and requirements,” said Ted
Szarkowski, global product manager for Integrated Products, Molex.


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