Nokia and Dell Forge Partnership to Propel Private 5G Networks and Cloud Adaptation

Nokia and Dell Technologies have announced a partnership aimed at bolstering the deployment of private 5G networks and facilitating network adaptation to the cloud.
Dell Technologies at MWC 2017Private 5G networks, typically owned, operated, or leased by individual organizations, are set to receive a significant boost through this alliance.

As part of the agreement, customers utilizing Nokia’s cloud-centric data center business, known as Nokia AirFrame, will gradually transition to Dell’s PowerEdge servers, specifically designed to accommodate modern telecom network workloads, according to the companies.

Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) is slated to emerge as Dell’s preferred private wireless platform for catering to the specific requirements of select enterprise clientele. Building upon an existing partnership, the companies aim to integrate NDAC with Dell’s NativeEdge software platform, with a shared objective of advancing open network architectures within the telecom ecosystem and enhancing private 5G use cases among businesses.

Open network architecture, a concept integral to this collaboration, facilitates compatibility between different products despite being manufactured by various vendors. This approach enables seamless integration of products like software programs with devices such as mobile phones.

Nishant Batra, Nokia’s Chief Strategy and Technology Officer, expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to address the evolving needs of customers amid growing network demands.

Furthermore, the companies affirmed their commitment to joint research and development endeavors, including collaborative platform and application testing within the Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab, as part of their ongoing collaboration.