Nokia expands Fixed Network SaaS suite with AI solution

Nokia has announced the expansion of its Fixed Network solutions suite, which will now be available through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. This expansion includes the introduction of AVA Fixed Network Insights, a new offering designed to help operators improve customer service and reduce operating costs.
Home broadband networkAVA Fixed Network Insights leverages AI/ML insights powered by Bell Labs algorithms across various network types such as DSL, fiber, and fixed wireless access. It provides operations and customer care teams with automated recommendations to proactively identify and resolve problems in home and access domains before they impact network services. This helps reduce call handling times and improve first call resolution rates.

Nokia said its telecom SaaS approach focuses on enhancing operators’ capabilities to quickly launch new services, achieve faster time to value, and simplify operations. By offering services on a subscription basis, it eliminates the need for significant upfront investments and on-site software maintenance and updates.

In the future, AVA Fixed Network Insights is expected to include chatbot-driven support and easy-to-implement recommendations for end-users, reducing the dependence on technical support.

Commercial availability of AVA Fixed Network Insights is anticipated by the end of this year. Nokia’s existing Fixed Networks applications, such as Altiplano Access Controller and WiFi Cloud Controller, are already deployable through a SaaS subscription.

Julie Kunstler, Chief Analyst at Omdia, commented on the significance of the SaaS delivery model for operators, emphasizing Nokia’s Fixed Network Insights as a crucial component in the operators’ digital transformation towards self-healing fixed broadband networks driven by AIOps.

Mark Bunn, Senior Vice President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership for customers through its telecom SaaS offerings. AVA Fixed Network Insights complements the existing suite of Fixed Networks applications that have already delivered positive results to customers through SaaS subscriptions.