Nokia Expands Network-in-a-Box Program to Accelerate Broadband Network Deployment

Nokia has unveiled the expansion of its innovative ‘network-in-a-box’ initiative — aimed at addressing the digital divide and boosting broadband network deployment.
broadband internet connection usersThis program is designed to offer a comprehensive bundle of essential network infrastructure products to operators and stakeholders involved in the Bridging the Economic and Digital Divide (BEAD) initiative. The expansion brings together a wide array of components required to swiftly establish or scale up broadband networks.

Nokia’s ‘network-in-a-box’ solution caters to the intricate demands of building high-speed access networks for households and communities. It alleviates the challenges faced by even the most seasoned network builders, who often have to source and ensure compatibility across a diverse range of networking equipment and components. With this expanded program, Nokia streamlines the process by providing an all-inclusive package, simplifying the deployment of broadband networks.

The ‘network-in-a-box’ offering encompasses several key products and solutions from Nokia’s portfolio. It includes IP routing, Fiber OLT (Optical Line Terminal), Fiber ONT (Optical Network Terminal), and Wi-Fi beacon products. In addition to hardware, the solution is bundled with software and services that cater to networks of varying sizes. This holistic approach empowers operators to construct fiber broadband networks efficiently and with flexibility.

One of the most notable features of the program is its adaptability to different network builds. Whether establishing small greenfield fiber networks or expanding existing GPON networks to higher capacities such as XGS and 25G-PON, Nokia’s solution streamlines the process, reducing both time and complexity.

Sandy Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia, emphasized how the ‘network-in-a-box’ program provides network builders with the technological tools they need within a unified solution. This, in turn, facilitates connections to homes, schools, businesses, and communities, fostering innovation and economic growth.

Julie Kunstler, Chief Analyst at OMDIA specializing in Broadband Access Intelligence Service, lauded Nokia’s initiative for simplifying the complex process of building broadband networks. She stressed that such programs could significantly expedite network deployment, reducing the risk of setbacks and enhancing overall project success.

With this expansion of the ‘network-in-a-box’ program, Nokia takes a significant step toward supporting the BEAD initiative’s objectives and driving widespread access to high-speed broadband. By providing a comprehensive solution that covers essential aspects of network deployment, Nokia aims to contribute to narrowing the digital divide and fostering economic growth in underserved areas.