Nokia secures 49 5G network contracts from mobile operators

Nokia today revealed that it won 49 5G commercial contracts from mobile operators. Nokia is currently powering 16 live 5G networks globally.
Nokia 5G base stationDocomo Pacific is the latest client of Nokia to launch commercial 5G service — in the Marianas. Docomo Pacific earlier said its 5G service is now operational in the villages of Tamuning and Hagatna.

Nokia is enabling end-user (BtoB) commercial 5G services for enterprise customers on the islands of the Marianas. Nokia has played a key role in the establishment of Docomo 5G Open Lab, which allows local and global partners to test and collaborate on creating practical solutions that are powered by 5G.

John Harington, head of Nokia Japan, said: “We are strengthening our partnership with Docomo Pacific, and delivering 5G connectivity to the region. Network reliability is essential in such remote areas of the planet.”