Nokia Siemens and DST of Africa to step up data transport initiatives

Nokia Siemens Network and the CSIR announced that they will explore ways to enhance access to ICT for rural communities and support the wireless mesh network project in Africa.

This is part of the Nokia’s agreement with DST. Through Nokia Siemens Network, the Africa SKA Project Office and the DST, the parties will continue to seek ways to enhance collaboration on large-scale computing, data transport and sensor networks in support of the African SKA bid; a project that is expected to revolutionize the ICT industry in terms of data processing and sensor networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks is using its global expertise in telecommunications and in-depth knowledge of the local South African market to advise the SKA bid teams, from both a technical and business perspective, about the best options to transport the huge volumes of generated data to the high-performance computer center of the SKA.

We have been involved in the project from the start, supporting and advising the project team on all technical requirements, capacity planning, provisioning and skills,” said Rufus Andrew, managing director of Nokia Siemens Networks South Africa.

With the commitment shown by all parties under this MOU –
and the increased investment in R&D by both private and public sectors –
the DST and Nokia believe that opportunities exist for bold interventions that
will enable South Africa to secure a greater share of global markets, and help
bridge digital divide.

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 By Tea

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