Nokia Unveils Upgraded WaveSuite Platform to Revolutionize Optical Network Automation

Telecom equipment maker Nokia announced significant enhancements to its WaveSuite optical network automation platform.
NOKIAEspoo, Finland-based Nokia said its WaveSuite optical network automation platform aims to empower network operators to efficiently manage their networks, mitigate risks, and drive revenue growth in an era characterized by rapidly evolving customer expectations.

The upgraded WaveSuite platform offers unparalleled insights and control over customer networks, boasting a diverse range of applications tailored to specific use cases. By leveraging these applications, operators can optimize their networks and operations, seamlessly scale capacity, and capitalize on network assets.

With network complexity on the rise and resources dwindling, automation has emerged as a beacon of hope for operators striving to optimize their processes and minimize human error. By embracing automation, operators stand to streamline operations, accelerate service deployment, reduce operational costs, and ultimately bolster revenue streams.

Key among the enhancements is the integration of Business Support Systems (BSS) billing with optical network functions, facilitated by the Service Enablement application. This integration enables operators to efficiently fulfill optical service requests, offer personalized, real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) assurance metrics, and explore new revenue streams in previously untapped markets.

Furthermore, the incorporation of machine learning into the Health and Analytics application equips operators with the ability to proactively detect disturbances to fiber optic cables within their networks. By leveraging network intelligence, operators can preemptively address potential disruptions, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing adherence to service level agreements.

The latest iteration of WaveSuite also simplifies network planning and provisioning, reducing the effort required to scale network capacity by a staggering 33 percent. This enhancement, validated by a Jan 2024 Analysys Mason report, underscores the platform’s efficacy in driving operational efficiency and cost savings.

Justin van der Lande, Research Director at Analysys Mason, said: “Nokia’s new capabilities have the potential to further amplify the operational and revenue-enhancing gains uncovered during our research.”

Ravi Parmasad, Optical Network Automation Leader at Nokia, emphasized the company’s commitment to enabling its customers to build agile and resilient networks for the future. He highlighted the transformative potential of WaveSuite in optimizing network performance, reducing operational costs, and accelerating service delivery.