Nokia wins 5G network deal from SETAR in Aruba

Nokia today announced it has won a 5G network deal from SETAR, a communications provider in Aruba.
Nokia 5G base station
This is first 5G network contract for Nokia in Latin America. Nokia has 55 commercial 5G commercial contracts globally.

Nokia will be assisting SETAR for upgrading RAN access and modernizing elements of the core and data management systems. SETAR is the incumbent communications service provider in Aruba and the leader in all segments of communications, including mobile, cable TV, fixed and broadband.

Nokia already works with SETAR to run a 4.5G Pro-based island-wide network using Single RAN Advanced AirScale technology – a flexible network that ensures easy re-farming of spectrum as needed.

SETAR 4.5G Pro is the fastest mobile network in Latin America, currently holding 16th and 4th positions in downlink and uplink speeds respectively in the global mobile network ranking, according to Ookla speed ranking.

SETAR moved up more than 30 positions in downlink speeds and more than 50 positions in uplink speeds rankings after completing the network modernization with Nokia in June 2019.

Details of SETAR network project

# Enhancing SETAR’s network architecture with Centralized RAN and AirScale Cloud Controllers to support more capacity

# Site simplification by deploying Nokia AirScale dual and triple band AirScale RRHs reducing more than 60 percent site space requirements

# Activation of advanced features like Carrier aggregation, 256QAM and MIMO4x4 to enable 3 to 4 times higher downlink speeds

# An upgrade to 5G in the first selected sites using Nokia massive MIMO technology with 64 antennas to enable new mobile broadband uses cases like Fixed Wireless Access, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Tourism 4.0 and Smart Cities

# Introduction of a shared data layer that increases the efficiency of subscription and authentication services by a factor of three

# Installation of a virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) that delivers a three-fold increase in the efficiency of the mobility and gateway functions

Roland Croes, managing director of SETAR, said: “We will ensure Aruba has the highest quality of services and maintains itself as a desirable place to live for our 110,000 residents and a top destination for 2 million tourists a year.”

Osvaldo Di Campli, head of Latin America for Nokia, said: “Choosing Nokia as the main vendor for this network means SETAR will benefit from an overall improvement in rollout time, cost of ownership and flexibility in the deployment, and demonstrates the adaptability of our 5G solution for service providers, whatever their size.”