OFC 2015: Huawei to demo point-to-point WDM PON solution

Telecom network vendor Huawei is demonstrating point-to-point wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network (PtP WDM PON) solution at the Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exposition (OFC 2015) in Los Angeles.

Huawei in a statement said that the new WDM-PON system supports both PtP GE/10GE and wireless fronthaul services.

Julie Kunstler, principal analyst, Components, at Ovum, said: “While WDM PON has not been a successful technology for FTTH, Huawei believes that WDM PON will support fronthaul, particularly fronthaul for future 5G wireless networks. Huawei’s WDM PON solution can be deployed as a standalone network or added on top of an existing PON or next-gen PON network.”

Huawei’s WDM PON system includes two innovative technologies to solve some common issues concerning WDM PON.

First, it has automatic wavelength locking aimed to cost-effectively and efficiently solve service provisioning and module inventory issues

Second, WDM PON system features quad small-form-factor pluggable (QSFP), a high-density integration and packaging technology that increases density while making installation easier.


Huawei said these non-FTTH applications provide operators with additional revenue streams. TWDM PON has the opportunity to become the FMC (fixed–mobile convergence) access platform of the future, supporting wireline and wireless-related services.

The WDM-PON system is designed to flexibly support both private GE/10GE service and wireless fronthaul service, such as common public radio interface (CPRI), without touching the hardware and platform.

Operators can also achieve full services – including residential broadband service, private line and wireless backhaul or fronthaul – by a uniform optical access network and platform.

Huawei and operators have jointly completed two PtP GE private line field trials and two 4G LTE fronthaul lab tests.

In February 2015, Huawei and a Chinese operator jointly completed the industry’s first WDM-PON & XG-PON hybrid network field trial. In another PtP GE private line field trial with another Chinese operator, the WDM PON system is deployed to serve SMBs in an industrial park.

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