Pacific Crossing and Infinera complete transpacific 100 gigabit subsea trial

and Pacific Crossing, a subsidiary of NTT Communications and operator of the
transpacific submarine cable system PC-1, announced the completion of a 100
Gigabit per second (Gb/s) subsea trial.

subsea trial spanned more than 9,500 kilometers on Pacific Crossing’s PC-1 fiber from California to
Japan. This is the first and longest successful 100 Gb/s trial performed across
the Pacific delivering digital coherent transmission.

trial demonstrates the unique ability to deliver two industry firsts. The 100
Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) demonstration was the first transmission of a 100 GbE
client service carried across the Pacific using 40 Gb/s optical channels with
Infinera’s FlexCoherent transmission.

success of this trial was based on Infinera’s commercially available 40 Gb/s
optical line module and 100 GbE client interface on Infinera’s DTN platform.
The second demonstration was the first realization of a 100 Gb/s optical
channel using binary phase shift keying (BPSK) with soft decision forward error
correction (SD FEC) that will be available in the future on Infinera’s DTN-X

Infinera’s FlexCoherent
technology enables service providers to optimize transmission performance
across a range of applications using multiple software-programmable modulation
formats. Infinera recently announced the availability of new DTN capabilities
and the new DTN-X platform featuring both photonic integrated circuit (PIC)
based super-channels and FlexCoherent transmission.

demand for transpacific bandwidth continues to grow,” said Takahiro
Sumimoto, chief executive officer at Pacific Crossing.

are delighted to work with Infinera to demonstrate 100 Gigabit transmission on
our existing subsea fiber plant. We are also pleased that our leading
transpacific network capabilities contributed to the successful demonstration
of this new technology,” Sumimoto added.

is pleased to partner with Pacific Crossing in conducting this trial as it
marks a major milestone for the delivery of next-generation optical systems in
the Asia Pacific region,” said Deryck Robinson, vice president, Subsea
Business Unit at Infinera.

has completed successful trials of 100 Gb/s and 500 Gb/s super-channels across
the globe, recently with SEACOM in Africa and Interoute in Europe. To
underscore its commitment to provide enhanced levels of service and support for
customers in the Asia Pacific region, Infinera recently opened an office in
Hong Kong with a customer demonstration center and a training center for its
growing client base in the region.

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