PARC launches Emerging Network Consortium with technology and network leaders

Telecom Lead America: PARC, a Xerox company, has launched
the Emerging Network Consortium (ENC), an initiative formed to advance the
development of Internet based on Content-Centric Networking (CCN). The
consortium’s founding members are Alcatel-Lucent, BT, France Telecom-Orange,
Huawei, MACH, Panasonic, and Samsung Electronics.

The formation of the ENC will pave the way for an entire
industry to create networking products, services, and businesses. ENC brings
together industries in different sectors to innovate, collaborate, and exchange
experiences based on CCN implementations across various industries.

PARC is well known for inventing networking technologies,
going back to Ethernet, PUP, and XNS in the early days through significant contributions
to IPv6 and Internet multicast.

“The development of CCN will improve the Internet
experience as people, equipped with several types of devices from smart phones
to PCs to tablets, continue to share more and more content like videos, music,
and photos,” said Stephen Hoover, CEO, PARC.

CCN addresses many of the key problems facing the
Internet today, including seamless content distribution, mobility, security,
and scalability.

“While the current Internet architecture has served
as the foundation of most modern technology ecosystems today, there is huge
opportunity to rethink approaches and technology to develop a next generation
of the Internet that moves from basic transport to full awareness of the
content, services, and higher level contextual elements that are today the key
enablers for tomorrow’s technical ecosystems,” said John Roese, Senior
Vice President and General Manager, Huawei North American R&D and
Enterprise Global Competency Center.

 PARC’s CCN research team is being headed by
research fellow Van Jacobson, one of the primary contributors to the
technological foundations of today’s Internet.

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