Procera Networks brings ScoreCard to measure service quality

Procera Networks said its ScoreCard solution assists telecom operators to measure the quality of experience (QoE) to subscribers.

ScoreCard measures activities such as web surfing, streaming video, social media, real-time gaming, uploads, downloads and voice applications. The Procera Networks scores using letter grades from A to F, showing QoE offered by the network.

The Procera Networks solution provides insights about where QoE issues occur in the network and where to target investments and actions for telecom operators to achieve maximum impact on the subscriber experience, network performance and ROI.

The solution offers different views to visualize QoE by subscribers, device or location for operators to fix bottlenecks and prioritize investments. It scores the network by isolating factors including applications, devices, cell towers, latency or throughput and creates value for customer care, marketing, engineering and executive management departments at fixed or mobile broadband providers.
James Brear, president and CEO at Procera, said: “Data services on mobile or fixed networks are usually only rated by broadband speed which is an incomplete measurement of the subscriber’s actual experience. We are changing that with ScoreCard by helping subscribers choose the right product and measure its quality while enabling operators to understand what matters most to their customers.”

According to the Procera Mobile Subscriber Experience Survey, 80 percent say it is critical to have high-speed coverage; however, 60 percent feel they don’t have continuous high-speed coverage.

“Putting the right network performance and capable performance metrics in front of the right groups at the right time – including customers – could be a differentiator in several ways as the battle for defining network quality in the age of on-demand services begins to really unfold,” said Shira Levine, research director, Service Enablement and Subscriber Intelligence at Infonetics, a division of IHS.

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