Rohde & Schwarz buys Zurich Instruments to expand presence in quantum technologies

Rohde & Schwarz announced the acquisition of Zurich Instruments AG, a technological leader in test and measurement (T&M) business, to expand presence in quantum technologies.
Rohde & Schwarz for telecom network testingZurich Instruments offers test and measurement systems to scientific and industrial research customers.

The company has over 100 employees at its Zurich headquarters and regional offices in China, the USA, France, South Korea, Japan and Italy. Zurich Instruments has a strong network and experience in academic physics research in addition to quantum technology. Sadik Hafizovic, is the co-founder and CEO of Zurich Instruments.

Peter Riedel, President and COO of Rohde & Schwarz, said: “We are looking forward to developing technological solutions for the future together with Zurich Instruments. We are also strengthening our position in the scientific realm. Rohde & Schwarz and Zurich Instruments already share a passion for advancing science and innovation.”

The test and measurement market for quantum computing holds enormous potential for both companies. Operating and maintaining a large-scale quantum computer requires numerous, specific T&M solutions.