SES selects Gilat for consumer Ka-band equipment for ASTRA2Connect

SES and Gilat announced that they have signed an
agreement for the delivery of network equipment and Ka-band end user terminals
for SES’s satellite-based Internet service ASTRA2Connect.


The use of Gilat’s Ka-band platform will allow SES to
deliver faster Internet and Voice-over-IP services to private households and
small businesses across Europe. Currently serving over 80,000 ASTRA2Connect
end users, SES today operates the largest satellite-based broadband network in Europe.


The use of Ka-band end user terminals supporting download
speeds of up to 20 Mbit/s is part of SES’s strategy to bring its successful
ASTRA2Connect service to the next level.


Starting in the fourth quarter of 2012, SES will further
increase the performance of its ASTRA2Connect service by using
additional multiple spot beam Ka-band capacity onboard its ASTRA 2F, 2E and 2G
spacecraft to be launched between 2012 and 2014 and located at 28.2 degrees


This is an important milestone for Gilat and a strong
acknowledgement of our Ka-band technology. The use of Ka-band technology
represents a significant shift in the satellite market. This agreement
represents an important opportunity for Gilat to be at the forefront of
next-generation satellite services, while providing consumers and businesses
across Europe with valuable improvements in their day to day broadband services,”
said Amiram Levinberg, CEO, Gilat.


We are continuously enhancing our service offerings by
providing satellite internet services at speeds comparable to standard
terrestrial and terrestrial wireless networks such as DSL, cable, and LTE
technologies,” said Patrick Biewer, managing director of ASTRA Broadband Services.


Gilat’s VSAT technology featuring high data rates and
cost effective terminal technology will allow us to further optimize our
service proposition for the end-consumer market and to increase the competitive
advantage of our satellite-based Internet service ASTRA2Connect.


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