Sri Lanka Telecom signs WiFi technology deal with Fon

Sri Lanka Telecom has signed a deal with Fon to deliver WiFi connectivity to their subscribers in the country.

Sri Lanka Telecom has also signed a roaming agreement with Fon to grant their users international access to WiFi in over 21 million locations globally.

“Our partnership with Fon will help us to deliver a better connectivity experience for our customers. Fontech’s technology complements our existing services in Sri Lanka through delivering seamless WiFi outside of the home,” said Dileepa Wijesundera, CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom.

Sri Lanka Telecom will be integrating Fontech technology into more than six router models equipped with FTTH, ADSL and LTE technologies. Sri Lanka Telecom will provide different access alternatives, including captive portal, WISPr seamless connectivity, and EAP.

Sri Lanka Telecom will launch the service in Q1 2018, targeting hundreds of thousands of CPEs.

Fon has recently added almost 800,000 locations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and China. Thanks to new roaming agreements with major operators such as Telekom Malaysia, Korea Telecom, and Softbank, Fon’s global network now includes almost three million hotspots in the Asia-Pacific region.

“While Fon continues to specialize in the aggregation of WiFi networks, ensuring that the world’s largest community network continues to grow, Fontech is dedicated to developing the technology that operates the service,” said Alex Puregger, CEO of Fon.