Tadiran to offer integrative communications solution to Indian Railways


Tadiran Telecom announced that it has been selected to
provide an advanced and specially modified version of its Coral IPx to the
Indian Railways Project Management Unit (IRPMU).


Approximately 30 percent of Indian Railways’ networks are
now equipped with Tadiran systems, making it a considerable competitor in the
railway telecommunications vertical market.


a government body designated to modernize and upgrade India’s intricate railway
networks, chose Tadiran’s Coral system for its integration of operational and
signaling functions. The system introduces features such as signal dispatch,
built-in redundancy and fault tolerance, which answered IRPMU’s efficiency and
safety requirements.


BPL Telecom, a Tadiran
business partner, was selected to provide Tadiran’s Coral system by Ansaldo, an
international transport solutions company. Ansaldo was entrusted by IRPMU with
deploying the project.


“Tadiran’s integrative approach to railway
telecommunication systems is the relative advantage that will enable us to
complete this project successfully,” said Ansaldo Lahiri, director, India


“We chose Tadiran’s systems due to the advanced
options they provide us, consisting of both operational and signaling systems.
The incorporation of Tadiran’s systems will enhance railway communications
between the hub and stations and increase the flow of critical information for
the safety and security of passengers,” Lahiri added.


“We have been collaborating with railway companies
in projects in various countries around the globe and possess an in-depth
knowledge of their specific needs,” said Eldad Barak president and CEO of


“Tadiran is striving to be the number one telephony
and communications supplier in the Railway market, and is pleased to further
strengthen its long-time bonds with Indian Railways. We will continue to focus
on innovative solutions for future railway projects by maintaining our creative
technological approach,” Barak added.


The project aims to replace telecommunication systems in
two Indian Railway lines from the populous city of Kanpur to Ghaziabad and to
Mughalsarai. Phase I will consist of incorporating large Coral IPx systems in
the hubs and smaller Coral systems in 56 stations along the 450 km of railway


The network, comprised of the two systems, will allow
Indian Railways higher redundancy for mission-critical assignments and improve
communications between the larger stations and remote-controlled outposts.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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