Telecom Egypt Goes Live With Ascade’s Routing Solution


By Telecom Lead Team: Ascade, a provider of routing,
billing and quality solutions, announced that Telecom Egypt has implemented its
routing solution.


As part of the project, AscadeRoute, AscadeActivate, and
AscadeAssure have been implemented and integrated with third party solutions.


“Telecom Egypt typifies the kind of fast-growing
innovative service provider that Ascade is serving throughout the African and
Middle Eastern region,” said Klas Peterson, CEO of Ascade.


The implementation allows Telecom Egypt to automate and
optimize the international voice traffic management including the analysis of
the supplier Carrier offers, optimal routing selection and implementation of
the routing choices in the network.


For the implementation, Ascade teamed up with Giza
Systems, a systems integrator in the Middle East, to combine its
interconnect software solution with comprehensive local integration and support


“The combination of our Consultancy and Integration
expertise in Egypt together with the strength of the market-leading
interconnect business suite from Ascade provided an ideal platform for a
successful project,” said Ahmed Kamal, GM, Telecommunications Unit at Giza


Telecom Egypt offers retail and wholesale voice and
data services and is widely recognized as one of the most advanced operators
in Africa and the Middle East. Telecom Egypt also owns
a 45 percent stake in mobile operator Vodafone Egypt.


“It is our expectation that the Ascade solution will
enable us to further enhance our international voice business, and we were also
impressed by the strong Partnership between Ascade and Giza Systems,” commented
Telecom Egypt.


A few months back, Egypt’s telecoms authority announced a $2.4 billion plan to provide countrywide
broadband starting mid-next year.

The plan, called eMisr, will start in the second quarter
of 2012, according to a recent statement from the National Telecom Regulatory
Authority (NRTA).


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