Telecoms top priorities to invest in femtocells: Infonetics

An Infonetics survey has identified telecom operators’ top priorities to invest in femtocell deployments.

80 percent of telecom operator said they will use femtocells to offer home-zone cheap-rate voice calling services by 2014.

75 percent telecoms will use femtocells to deliver higher mobile broadband throughput to their customers.

Infonetics, however, did not share country specific femtocell deployment details.

Infonetics Research said the focus shifts to leveraging the intelligence in the femtocell to offer a range of location-based, content-related, or presence-aware applications to drive higher ARPUs by 2015.

Femtocells to Increase ARPU Via New Apps and Services

Telecom operators are currently focused on quality of experience, leveraging femtos to deliver 5-bar voice coverage in the home and provide faster and more consistent broadband.

Over half of respondent operators perceive interference with the macro network as a challenge to offering residential femtocell services.

While 3GPP femtocells dominate the residential market today, 50 percent of those surveyed will offer single-mode FD-LTE femtocells by 2014.

Radio coverage leads the list of desirable residential femtocell CPE features, followed by TR-069 support and a standalone form factor.

Telecom service providers are looking for a combination of quality and cost-effectiveness when selecting femtocell products: price-to-performance ratio is the 2nd highest ranked vendor selection criterion.

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