Telefonica UK taps Tekelec for Policy and Charging Rules Function in 3G and LTE core networks

Telecom Lead Europe: Telefonica UK has selected Tekelec for Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) in its 3G and LTE core networks.

The Policy Server will combine with Tekelec’s Subscriber Profile Repository to enable Telefonica UK to offer digital lifestyle services for smartphones, tablets and other mobile data devices, while lowering network operating costs.

Telefonica’s revenues in 2012 decreased 0.8 percent to €62.35 billion. Its revenue was supported by 12.8 percent increase in mobile data revenues. Growth of mobile data revenues in Latin America — at 5.5 percent — also contributed to significant increase in revenue.

Telefónica is investing heavily in telecom networks to improve quality of services. The mobile operator will spend more than €9.45 billion as Capex in 2013.

Last year Telefonica’s Capex (Capital expenditure) was €9.45 billion and it improved the Capex efficiency by focusing on growth, reallocating resources to higher-growth operations and services — selective rollout of fiber and VDSL.

The Policy Server will help create new mobile data services and tariff plans using a variety of criteria, including volume of data, speed, time and applications. In addition, the operator could offer personalized loyalty programs, mobile advertising and time-based plans.

Tekelec’s Policy Server also reduces Telefónica UK’s costs by improving network efficiency and enabling engineers and marketers themselves to rapidly create, execute, and evolve policies.

Telefónica UK has more than 22 million mobile customers, with 47 percent smartphone penetration as of March 2013. In the first quarter of 2013, 93 percent of new contract customers chose a smartphone.

“Our customers have a huge desire to use mobile technology to help manage their lives, as evidenced by smartphone uptake. We expect this to grow as we launch 4G services in the summer. We’re focused on giving customers rich content and a superior mobile data experience across all 3G and 4G devices,” said Tim Parker, Mobile Data Product Manager – Networks for Telefónica UK.

Fifteen Telefonica operators in Latin America and Europe are using Tekelec solutions.

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