Telefonica uses CommScope iQ.linkXG microwave backhaul planning tool

Telecom service provider Telefonica has selected Comsearch, a CommScope company, to maximize investments in its wireless backhaul networks by using iQ.linkXG microwave backhaul planning tool.

iQ.linkXG enables Telefonica engineers to design reliable networks, while using the available radio spectrum effectively. The tool offers engineering algorithms and accurate database management to assist planners to optimize the network using the smallest antennas at the lowest heights and with the lowest transmit power possible.

iQ.linkXG planning tool

Juan Manuel Caro, director of Operations & OSS, Telefonica, said: “With microwave networks getting more complex, tools like iQ.linkXG are mandatory for maximizing network resources and performance.”

CommScope said in a statement that the iQ.linkXG software solution enables building a database of microwave links to limit interference in congested areas and maximize spectrum use.

The software tool helps operators achieve maximum throughput during clear sky conditions, while maintaining a high-priority voice channel during periods of fading. iQ.linkXG helps planners avoid the high cost of over-engineering and correcting for the mistakes that can result from the use of inferior or improper planning tools. software solution, which has been modernized for the next generation microwave backhaul planning, is now deployed in more than 300,000 microwave links.

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