Telenet to deploy Netcracker’s CPQ in public cloud setting

Telenet will deploy Netcracker Technology’s Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), part of the Netcracker Digital BSS product suite, in a public cloud setting.
Telenet investment plansNetcracker Configure, Price, Quote supports flexible pricing based on a number of criteria, including customer type and market segment, and provides a comprehensive quotation management system with a user-friendly interface.

By shifting Netcracker CPQ to a public cloud deployment, Telenet is better positioned to reach the important B2B market segment where highly customizable service offerings that are integrated with ordering processes and support various business models are in high demand.

Netcracker said Telenet aims to increase converged sales volumes and the average order value, improve proposal management efficiencies and boost its success rate for closing business agreements.

By hosting CPQ in the public cloud, Telenet will be able to grow its enterprise business through improved control over the software and a more consistent and simplified management of the product price list.

“We specifically looked for a public cloud-based CPQ platform deployment that allows us to leverage an out-of-the-box B2B offering solution in a shorter timeframe with minimal adaptations, resulting in an optimal maintenance model,” said Micha Berger, CTIO at Telenet.