Three Pillar Global and BrickRed to merge to expand mobile software development





Three Pillar Global of Fairfax, a mobile software product developer, and BrickRed, a best practice software product development organization based in Noida, India, have announced their merger after working together as partners for over five years.  





The resulting organization has over 500 employees with offices in the United States, Argentina, India, the United Kingdom, Romania and The Netherlands. Though BrickRed will continue to operate as a distinct entity, BrickRed will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Three Pillar Global.  





“Customers of both companies will experience continued high levels of support, even greater access to resources, and benefit from a company with an expanded multi-national presence,” said David DeWolf, CEO, Three Pillar Global.





“Our multi-country team understands the power of joining forces with Three Pillar Global.  Both companies are recognized for rapid growth, best practices and expertise within strong industry sectors. We know each other well and now the combined company is a strong and reliable resource for high-demand and high-performance products,” said Raj Singhal, chief operating officer, BrickRed.





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