Transition Networks delivers new solution to address the backhaul demands in Africa


Transition Networks, a provider of fiber
access technology and solutions is displaying two of its next generation
products, the PacketBand-TDM-4 and new S3240 Network Interface Device (NID) at


The PacketBand-TDM-4 and new S3240 Network
Interface Device (NID), which have been designed to meet the need for
cost-effective backhaul solutions, will be on display as the company looks to
expand its offering throughout Africa.


Transition Networks is focused on
expansion, particularly in Nigeria and Kenya, and aims to replicate the success
it has already achieved in other countries.

look forward to sharing our new technologies and demonstrating their advanced
capabilities at AfricaCom,” said Dave Stenger, VP Worldwide Sales Operations at
Transition Networks.


“With growing wireless networks, the new
devices address the need for high-quality and cost-efficient mobile backhaul
solutions. More affordable backhaul means reduced network operating costs,”
Stenger added.


The PacketBand-TDM-4 (TDM-4) device
facilitates the transportation of legacy TDM traffic over IP and other packet
networks. It delivers clock-locked clear channel or structured E1/T1 circuits
over Ethernet, IP or MPLS networks, supports up to four E1/T1s, and can be used
in pairs or with other members of the PacketBand range. The 3-port unit
(PacketBand-TDM-3MC) supports multicast and applications in larger networks
where clocking is critical.


The S3240 NID helps telecoms and
cable providers generate and preserve increased revenues when delivering
intelligent Ethernet services.  It enables
service providers to offer tiered services with end-to-end Service Level
Agreements (SLAs). The S3240 creates a clear demarcation point between the
provider and the customer network or in carrier-to-carrier handoffs.


By offering more affordable backhaul, the
S3240 brings reduced network operating costs. This enables mobile operators to
expand cell coverage into remote geographies, where landlines are unavailable.
It also helps them address new and underserved markets and provide microcell
sites to fill gaps in coverage.


 Transition Networks recently
announced jointly
with EATEL, an independent Telco located in south Louisiana, that its latest
Network Interface Devices (NIDs) are now fully operational at some of the first
commercial 4G mobile cell towers in Louisiana.


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