TriQuint unveils dual-band power amplifier solution for 3G and 4G smartphones

By Telecom Lead Team: TriQuint Semiconductor, a RF
solutions supplier, has launched TRITIUM Duo, a dual-band PA duplexer (PAD) for
3G and 4G smartphones.


The new TRITIUM Duo family combines two
band-specific power amplifiers and duplexers in a single compact module,
replacing up to twelve discrete components.


We’ve powered the world’s top smartphones with over a
half billion of our single-band TRITIUM modules, and now the TRITIUM Duo is
being evaluated by customers for use in next generation smartphones,” said
Ralph Quinsey, president and chief executive officer of TriQuint.


The TRITIUM Duo family shares a common 6 x 4.5mm
footprint, which gives designers the flexibility to support multi-band,
multi-mode operations across multiple platforms.


In addition, mobile device manufacturers can capitalize
on the dramatic size reductions to include more features or larger batteries in
thinner, lighter form factors with all the performance needed for CDMA, 3G, and
4G networks.


Its new dual-band TRITIUM Duo implements
TriQuint CuFlip technology to replace wire bonds with copper bumps.
It saves board real estate and enables superior system performance by
eliminating noise-radiating wires. The copper bumps also dissipate heat better
than traditional interconnect techniques.


The new TRITIUM Duo also employs a wafer level
packaging (WLP) technique to provide hermetic filter encapsulation for
improved performance and a reduced size. In addition, the modules integrate
high-performance BAW and SAW duplexer capabilities.


TriQuint will showcase its mobile device platform
solutions, including the new TRITIUM Duo family, at the GSMA Mobile World
Congress, in Barcelona, Spain.


Recently, TriQuint
along with other microelectronics companies such as NXP and Hittite announced
that they are focusing on high performance, high frequency applications in
defense, test and measurement, VSAT and microwave radios.  


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