Vidyo introduces VidyoWay service for B2B video communications

Telecom Lead America: In order to make B2B video
communications universally available, personal telepresence provider Vidyo has
introduced VidyoWay service.

The newly launched solution is the first free
interconnectivity service to support multi-vendor, business quality video
conferencing for multi-party or point-to-point meetings.


Widespread video conferencing adoption has, to date,
been inhibited by low-quality user experiences, high costs and manual
connection processes. The business process to achieve interconnectivity is very
costly and cumbersome. VidyoWay provides true free connectivity to legacy
systems through a free conference room in the sky,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and
co-founder at Vidyo.


VidyoWay is able to connect Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize,
other H.323 and SIP-based room systems, Microsoft Lync clients, mobile
devices and telephones by using a, self-service and executive-friendly


Capable of creating a business community of video
conferencing users, regardless of their end-points, the new solution addresses
the need for interconnectivity among legacy and UC business solutions without
the high costs and complexities encountered by end users.


The company reckons that VidyoWay will drive rapid market
growth through a network effect created by increased usage that will complement
and accelerate VidyoConferencing platform sales.


“VidyoWay adds significant value to
VidyoConferencing deployments by creating the ‘network effect,’ expanding the
universe of business-to-business contacts who can connect via a simple-to-use
interconnectivity service,” Shapiro added.


The company claims that VidyoWay also removes another
interconnectivity barrier, the need for a Global Directory of video endpoints,
by creating a community of users who can simply invite participants from their
own address book to a secure virtual meeting place.


Vidyo offers extended interoperability with Microsoft Lync


Recently, Vidyo announced extended interoperability with
Microsoft Lync. The new development enables businesses that use Microsoft Lync
to offer employees the benefits of the Vidyo platform.


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