Voiceworks selects BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point

Voiceworks, a leading provider of mobile telephony, fixed telephony, UC and data solutions in Europe,  has selected the BroadForward Signaling Transfer Point (BroadForward STP).
Voiceworks for business
The company will replace the two legacy SS7 routing solutions supplied by major incumbent vendors and will be using the BroadForward Next Generation STP.

The BroadForward STP is a routing hub for all 2G/3G related signaling traffic and will be deployed in a high available mode supporting geographic redundancy across multiple sites. The software solution provides Voiceworks with the signaling intelligence required to unify and simplify SS7 based routing configuration and management of all their SS7 signaling traffic.

Voiceworks already has the BroadForward Diameter Signaling Controller (BroadForward DSC) in operation for routing of 4G signaling traffic. All BroadForward products support GUI based configuration and integration of advanced signaling scenarios across protocols and technologies, without the need for scripting or coding.

Voiceworks, which is based in the Netherlands, is one of the largest and fastest growing Voice over IP (VoIP) and web technology specialists in both the Dutch and German telecom markets.

Their solutions – among others corporate Unified Communications (UC) and fixed-mobile-integration services – are delivered from the cloud both as a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

Voiceworks is part of pan-European unified communications technology and telecommunication services player Enreach. Organizations within this group all contribute to intelligent, integrated IT and communications solutions for the business market. Enreach serves over 1650 resellers and 2 million end-customers with activities in 25 countries.

“The deployment of the BroadForward STP will allow us to rationalize our network as we replace multiple legacy routers with one uniform, next generation software solution. The new STP will provide us with the required flexibility to implement complex routing logic and services, using a central configuration and management function,” Christian Bichbaumer, head of Mobile Operations at Enreach, said.

“The BroadForward STP runs on the same single engine signaling framework as our other BroadForward products. This not only provides cross-platform signaling flexibility to adapt to the specific wishes of our enterprise customers, but also enables us to reduce costs significantly,” Steve Pit, COO at Enreach, said in a statement.

BroadForward CEO Taco Schoute said: “Our solution enables Voiceworks to move away from the limitations of inflexible legacy SS7 products. The BroadForward STP is a 100 percent software solution by design, allowing Voiceworks to enable converged signaling scenarios across 2G, 3G, 4G and even 5G.”