Why Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai platform is critical for optical networks

Since growth in cloud computing, HD video and Internet of Things (IoT) are putting additional pressure on the network of American wireless major Verizon, Ciena’s WaveLogic platform is one of the technology solutions.

Glenn Wellbrock, director of Optical Transport Planning, Verizon, says Ciena’s WaveLogic platform brings a new paradigm for optical networks and is an important step in our future network evolution.

“To meet current and future demands, the Verizon network needs to be not only scalable, but also have the intelligence and programmability to monitor, control and respond in real-time to meet user demands. Ciena’s WaveLogic platform is an important step in our future network evolution,” said Glenn Wellbrock, director of Optical Transport Planning, Verizon.

Ciena says WaveLogic Ai is a programmable coherent modem for delivering maximum network performance at minimum cost.

WaveLogic Ai from Ciena promises a combination of scale, automation and intelligence. Telecom network operators, who are making investment in IoT, machine learning and on-demand services, can utilize the WaveLogic Ai technology for a self-driving network.

“Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai platform will help position operators to proactively manage user demands and squeeze more bits out of the network using less hardware,” said Ian Redpath, principal analyst, Intelligent Networks, Ovum.

Main benefits of WaveLogic Ai

Ciena said WaveLogic Ai significantly improves transport network economics and flexibility across a set of network applications. Specifically, in metro and DCI applications, it drives 400G single carrier transmission with disruptive power and density metrics.

In regional and long-haul networks, WaveLogic Ai establishes 200G and 300G as the new reference line rates for backbone transmission, doubling capacity and dramatically lowering cost per bit. In submarine networks, it provides maximum capacity with ultimate reach at distances up to 14,000 kilometers.

WaveLogic Ai offers enhanced intelligence for new levels of visibility into the network that enables autonomous decisions to further improve network performance. It monitors and gathers critical networking data, including embedded real-time link measurements, to make intelligent capacity decisions in real time.

Ciena said WaveLogic Ai helps determine the optimal capacity for any path across the network and can tune to different capacity levels from 100G to 400G in 50G increments.

WaveLogic Ai uses an advanced 400G-optimized technology engine with a higher baud rate to drive twice the capacity per channel, three times the distance at the equivalent capacity, and four times the service density at less than half the power. This scalability supports 400GE and flexible client services to best match service throughput to flexible line capacity.

Ciena said WaveLogic Ai is designed to calculate and then make available massive amounts of optical networking performance data through open interfaces that can be mined to build on-demand, programmable networks.

WaveLogic Ai provides unprecedented tunability via open software interfaces to drive automated and intelligent decisions to reduce operational expense and avoid manual errors.

WaveLogic Ai provides access to real-time link monitoring information, thereby giving operators new levels of network visibility and the ability to accurately engineer the network for optimal capacity and maximum efficiency.


Ciena says it has shipped over 100,000 WaveLogic high-speed coherent line interfaces and deployed across more than 100 million coherent kilometers worldwide.

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