Wind River and Sensory Networks showcase DPI for network security

By Telecom Lead Team: Wind River, a provider of embedded
and mobile software, and Sensory Networks, a provider of pattern matching and
deep packet inspection (DPI) software acceleration technology, will showcase
DPI security solutions at Mobile World Congress 2012.

The demonstration highlights how a DPI enabled operating
system can deliver wire-speed content inspection.

The rate of security attacks continues to rise, making
the need to inspect each packet of data increasingly important. There is a
greater need for network equipment to improve performance of packet throughput
and handle data more intelligently and with greater security.

DPI functionality is a vital element for network security
applications to inspect data streams and packets for malicious content. As
malware threats become sophisticated, network equipment must deliver greater
inspection granularity of incoming data, without sacrificing performance.

A software-based DPI approach can provide a
cost-effective solution with the flexibility to evolve with the changing
demands of the network security market. DPI makes it possible to inspect every
header and payload of every packet, providing the basis for a strong security

The rapid expansion of mobile and other connected
devices is generating larger and more varied types of data packets that must be
prioritized and accelerated in order to deliver a high level of service for a
quality user experience. Along with growing data traffic, security attacks and
malware also continue to climb,” said Mike Langlois, vice president and general
manager of networking and telecommunications at Wind River.

By using HyperScan DPI software technology, networking
and security equipment vendors can significantly improve the content scanning
performance, intelligence and scalability of their products. The combination of
Sensory Networks HyperScan and Wind River Linux, optimized for leading
multi-core CPU architectures, demonstrates how robust, carrier grade operating
systems can deliver wire-speed content inspection and security.

It is vital for equipment designers to be able to
build-in greater security and intelligence while maintaining high levels of
network performance,” said Sab Gosal, chief executive officer for Sensory

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