ZTE clinches deal with Telkom Indonesia to upgrade backbone network

Chinese telecom network vendor ZTE announced its deal with Telkom Indonesia to upgrade its backbone network.

The company did not share financial details of the upgradation deal.

The network upgrade is aimed at delivering a 10-fold increase in capacity in most of the network and will enable better customer experience.

Telkom Indonesia is expected to benefit from ZTE’s converged dense wavelength division multiplexing/optical transport (DWDM/OTN) solutions. ZTE will assist the telecom operator to upgrade Java backbone network from 10 gigabits per second (10G) to next-generation 100G.


The new 100G system will coexist with the current 10G system on one optical fiber, thanks to ZTE’s Guard Band solution that enables these two technologies to work simultaneously.

The upgrade to 100G technology will enable Telkom Indonesia to evolve its broadband business services while improving customer experience, said ZTE in a statement.

ZTE said its ZXWM M920 DWDM system aims to help Telkom Indonesia to build a future-proof Bearer Network (DWDM/OTN). In addition, the new network will co-operate with ZTE NetNumen U31 NMS to build cost-effective and manageable networks that can scale to enable the deployment of 100G new services.