ZTE extends partnership with Qualcomm and Broadcom



By Telecom Lead Team: In order to
strengthen its position in the U.S market, Chinese telecom gear maker ZTE has
extended its partnership with Qualcomm to provide device processor components
as ZTE drives LTE adoption in 2012 and beyond.


Recently, ZTE agreed to buy at least $5
billion worth of chipsets from U.S.-based Qualcomm and Broadcom over the next
few years.


ZTE to buy $5 billion worth telecom chips from Qualcomm and

Qualcomm will continue to provide chipset
solutions for ZTE wireless devices available in markets around the world.


Additionally, ZTE has extended its
partnership with Broadcom. Broadcom will provide networking processor solutions
for ZTE Bearer network, Ethernet and XDSL products, which will be used as ZTE
expands its infrastructure presence worldwide.


“We are strengthening relationships with
telecommunications’ best technology companies to demonstrate our capabilities,
customization and value. ZTE continues to put the resources in place to grow as
a worldwide leader in the infrastructure and device industry,” said Ye Weimin,
senior vice president, ZTE.


The newest investment with Broadcom
reflects the continued efforts that ZTE is making to customize deployments for
customers and ensure availability of reliable and cost-efficient solutions.


“As a leading semiconductor supplier,
Broadcom has demonstrated technology innovation throughout ZTE’s product
portfolio,” said Thomas Lagatta, executive vice president of Sales, Broadcom


With these extensions in its partnerships,
ZTE reinforced its commitment to providing high quality telecommunications solutions
worldwide by acknowledging its intent to continue to source
application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) from two industry-leading


ZTE invested more than $13 billion in U.S.
companies and technologies through the purchase of products and licensing of
intellectual property. This strategy demonstrates ZTE’s global and inclusive
business model that utilizes best-in-class technology, efficient engineering
and manufacturing, and worldwide reach to bring customers quality mobile products.


ZTE is targeting sales of 80 million
handsets in 2012 along with 100 percent smartphone volume growth.


is gearing up to increase its global sales, as its Blade smartphone obtained
recognition for the second best selling WCDMA phone throughout China last
summer. ZTE’s Windows model Tania is debuting in the U.K. at the monthly
contract rate of 10 pounds.


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