ZTE LTE research project gets support from telecoms

Telecom network vendor ZTE said more than 40 operators and equipment manufacturers supported a research project on Multicarrier Load Distribution (MCLD) of user equipment (UE) in LTE.

The research project, led by ZTE with cooperation of China Telecom, Verizon, and other operators, aims to enable idle UE to be distributed evenly among multiple LTE cells (including heterogeneous network cells) to improve the performance and operational efficiency of LTE networks. The project was passed at the 3GPP RAN#67meeting on March 12, 2015.

Since current and heterogeneous LTE network architecture leads to overlapped coverage of multiple macro and micro cells and the existing cell reselection mechanism cannot solve the problem of how to distribute UEs evenly across these different cells, ZTE proposed the research subject of MCLD.

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